Our in-house design and development team work closely with you to meet your specific requirements

Our product development process has a strong emphasis on working closely with you to understand your priorities and develop a self-service solution that meets your requirements.  We design your product based on your specification supplemented by in-depth consultation.  We then prototype it, engineer it, and create the final designs for manufacture and assembly. 

All our designs take into consideration the function and specific environmental factors surrounding each device, as well as the ease by which they can be serviced and supported.  Many of our products are still in operation after over 10 years of use, demonstrating our commitment to longevity and creating tremendously robust designs.

Industrial Design

This process focuses on better understanding your requirements and exploring a range of solutions for you.  We can create concept sketches, CAD renderings and foam mock-ups from which the preferred concepts are worked into detailed engineering drawings taking into consideration all functional requirements.

  • Concept sketches
  • CAD renderings
  • Foam mock ups     


Once a design has been decided upon we can create an often fully functioning unit which is used to validate the operation and design of the kiosk, as well as initiate safety and compliance certifications.  The prototypes are, on the whole, produced to a professional quality that can be used for promotional purposes by the client.

  • Bread-boarding
  • Model making
  • Proof of concept
  • Ergonomic analysis


This process focuses on refinement of engineering documentation.  Typically it would include CAD detailed drawings, work instruction details for production, operator and service manuals, final testing and compliance to relevant standards as well as exploded drawings for suppliers and installation details for installer and clients if required.

  • CAD detailed drawings
  • Human Factors
  • Quality Control
  • Safety Testing and Compliance
  • Exploded drawings
  • Packaging and Installation

Detailed Design

Detailed design is involved in all stages of product development and has many different elements all relating to getting the right design for you.  Some of the activities include 3D CAD modelling, finite element analysis, involving testing stresses and strains, and communicating with the production team and tweaking the design based on production requirements (production release).  These activities all help to create the final designs for manufacture and for assembly.  We create these designs with servicing and maintenance in mind, and engineer our products to make these tasks as simplistic as possible.

  • 3D CAD modelling
  • Finite element analysis
  • Production release
  • Design for manufacture
  • Design for assembly
  • Design for ease of service and maintenance