NeoProducts manufacturing is done in-house with quality, flexibility and efficiency.

NeoProducts manufactures our self-service kiosks in-house.  We have a modern factory of 28,000sqft in Melbourne, Australia.  This factory has conveyor system assembly lines and a proven capacity to produce over 400 terminals a week.

Benefits of in-house

  • Flexibility
  • Control of Quality
  • Can Adjust for Changing Needs
  • No competing priorities on manufacturing lines, enabling us to deliver on commitments.


BS EN ISO ISO 9001:2000 is one of the world’s best-known business management standards. At Neo, our approach to quality management is based on this comprehensive framework. Both our design and manufacturing bases are certificated to ISO 9001.


All Packaging is designed and customised to meet delivery requirements. These can be adapted to meet both domestic and international shipping requirements such as ISPM treated pallets.


We soak test our products for a pre-agreed period of time before professionally packaging them ready for shipment to anywhere in the world.  Soak testing and robust packaging assists in minimising incidences of “out of box” failures.


Our warehouse has over 300 pallet spaces which provides a safe solution to holding stock and finished goods, with both gas and electric forklift capabilities onsite, as wll as the capability to weigh and measure items up to 1 tonne accurately. The flooring is covered in an epoxy resin to minimise dust.


We can distribute and co-ordinate site delivery to almost anywhere in the world. We can also track the required packages at all stages of the delivery process.