The ultimate entry level printing kiosk

The Tablet Kiosk with Printer takes the affordability and flexibility of a tablet kiosk and transforms it into a more versatile device.  

The Kiosk is a small form factor unit perfect for where space is limited.  The unit is great for queue management, staff sign in and a low cost information or payment terminal with the option to print information or receipt.  

The housing is designed to take a Windows, Android or PoS tablet, as this tablet has one of the largest screens on the market at 11.6" and has USB to power and connect to the printer.  However, if you do have another tablet in mind contact us to discuss the appropriate solution.  Additionally, if there are other peripherals you require such as a swipe card reader or barcode scanner we can discuss how these may be attached also.  


Features                                          Options                                              Applications

  • Ruggedized housing
  • Steel welded post
  • Small footprint
  • 60-80mm receipt printer
  • barcode scanner (designed on request)
  • swipe card reader (designed on request)
  • Way-finding
  • Information
  • Ticketing
  • Order taking
  • Payment
  • Check-in
  • Queue Management

To find out more about this kiosk or how we can create a custom solution for you please contact us today.

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Please note there is a MOQ of 5 units for this kiosk, unless already in stock.

  • Tablet Printer Kiosk Portrait Head unit

  • Tablet Printer Kiosk Back View

  • Tablet Printer Kiosk Side View

  • Tablet Printer Kiosk Landscape Head unit

  • Tablet Printer Kiosk Top View