The Neon LS is a 21.5" dual touch projective capacitive touch screen kiosk.  Boasting edge to edge glass for both style and practicality the Neon LS is perfect for both basic and complex applications.  The Kiosk is capable of supporting many peripherals including receipt printer, swipe card reader, barcode scanner, and soon EFTPOS.  The chemically toughened glass protects the touch screen from damage and creates a solution capable of handling the rigors of a self-service environment, be it retail, government, or human resources.    



  • 22" LCD
  • Edge to edge glass
  • Wall Mount/Desk Top
  • Dimensions desk top:
    H 528 x W 554 x D 400mm
  • Dimensions with pedestal
    H 1430 x W 555 x D 580mm


  • Receipt printer 58-80mm
  • Barcode scanner
  • Swipe card reader
  • NFC


  • Wagering and Gaming
  • Information
  • Ordering
  • Media download

We can provide modifications to this kiosk or design a completely new one suited to your specific requirements simply contact us today 

Please note there is a MOQ of 5 units for this kiosk, unless already in stock.

  • Neon LS on Pedestal