Smart Modular Design for Ultimate Flexibility 

The Flexi Kiosk has been designed with modularity in mind.  The head unit can be used as a standalone kiosk mounted to a wall, desk or pedestal.  A peripheral bay can ordered with the unit or can be added at a later stage. This means you can start off with a basic kiosk and have the freedom to upgrade at a later stage without the cost of purchasing a whole new kiosk. Peripherals such as a receipt printer, EFTPOS terminal, swipe card reader, or barcode scanner can be added either using the peripheral bay or bolting directly onto the head unit using standardised mounting points.  The kiosk can therefore range in applications from simple information terminal, payment device, sign in kiosk, or a whole range of other applications.  

Features                                 Options                                                        Applications

  • Ruggedised Touch 
  • Steel welded construction
  • Landscape or Portrait mounting
  • Wall mount/Bench mount/Free standing
  • i3 - i5 processor
  • Receipt Printer
  • Swipe Card Reader
  • EFTPOS terminal
  • Barcode Scanner
  • NFC
  • Media Bay
  • DVD
  • Way-finding
  • Information
  • Ticketing
  • Order taking
  • Payment
  • Check-in

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Please note there is a MOQ of 5 units for this kiosk, unless already in stock.