JobSearch Kiosk

The Affinity is a major success story and our top selling kiosk with over 10,000 installations world-wide. It was developed for the public employment service in the UK, who have had over 8,000 deployed since 2001. It is a popular choice amongst both corporate and government sector clients because of its excellent record of reliability and its value for money. It was designed with social inclusion in mind. The Affinity incorporates a side-mounted display module allowing wheelchair users easy access whilst also maintaining the optimal screen height and angle for standing users. It is robust and scratch resistant - designed in cost-effective rugged metal chassis, augmented with injection moulded plastic polymer. If damaged, the low-cost plastic parts can be replaced very cost-effectively. A range of thermal printers can be installed. The output from these is presented conveniently to the user on the sloping surface to the right of the screen. We have also incorporated card readers for some of our customers.



  • Reliable
  • Modular design
  • Wheelchair, seated, and
    standing use
  • Robust
  • Scratch resistant
  • SAW 15" Touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 1115Hx 775W x 550mmD


  • Card readers
  • Thermal Printer
  • Illuminated sign


  • Job Search
  • HR
  • Information

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