August 2012

New Samsung Tablet Means New Kiosk

The current court case between Samsung and Apple is confirming all kinds of suspicions about upcoming products and specifications. 


One of the most interesting pieces of news to Neo is the possible launch of a new Samsung Tablet later in the year.  Rumours of a new larger tablet coming out later in 2012 have been around for months.  These rumours appear to be confirmed as The Verge reports that included in the publically released court documents is news that Samsung are working on a new 11.8” tablet, code name “P10”.  The tablet will support a huge 2560 x 1600 resolution display and while release dates where not discussed the documents to refer to the tablet as a 2012 product. 


Neo is excited to begin designing the tablet kiosk to support the new Samsung tablet as soon as possible.  The larger screen will make for a great small form factor kiosk and will be available in freestanding, wall mount, and desk top configurations.  To view more on the Tablet/ iPad Kiosk click here.