• October 2011


    Kiosk4Jobs is the complete self-service job-finding solution for Welfare to Work providers. 

    NeoProducts is in partnership with the leading recruitment and job-finding software company, Kaonix, to deliver Kiosk4Jobs.  This combines Kaonix's strength in delivering first-class job vacancy aggregation and matching systems with the very best in public access technology.  We have intergrated Kaonix's software with a range of our touchscreen kiosks and then added a complete package of installation and support.  We expect this to deliver significant benefits to Welfare to Work providers by:

    • allowing jobseekers to help themselves at Welfare to Work ventres and beyond
    • delivering better job matches to increase the chances of early placement
    • automoatically logging job search activity
    • using a managed service approach to remove the headache of supporting clients' direct access to job-finding systems
    • leading to significant savings in staff time
    • providing payment options that match running costs to revenue.


    • Two kiosk formats - desktop or floor-standing
    • kiosks that are more robust, reliable and secure than PC's
    • Simple, easy-to-use touch-screen access for jobseekers
    • High-quality matching against a huge database of job vacancies
    • Jobseekers have their own account
    • Jobseekers actions logged- recording jobs accepted and declined
    • Can interface to your CRM system
    • Availiable as a complete leased rental solution with intallation and support.