We have worked with our clients to advance the next generation of self-service wagering

Neo is rapidly establishing itself as the regional market leader for Wagering Self Service.  Neo supplies New Zealand and much of Australia with Self-Service Wagering Terminals and other wagering related products, as well as venue management and venue loyalty systems.  

We deliver configuration flexibility with a range of user interfaces

  • Attractive, small footprint designs
  • High definition, multi-touch displays
  • A range of interface options
      -  Cash; Simple cash taking through to full cash recycling
      -  EFT/POS
      -  Insert & Swipe Card
      -  Barcode
      -  NFC/RFID/Proximity/Beacon
      -  Bio-metric identification
      -  Mark Sense Card
      -  Extensive, In-built Security and Performance Monitoring
  • Outstanding field service simplicity
      -  Component docking
      -  Serviceable by venue staff

We can supply                                           Benefits

  • Customer Information Terminals
  • Self Service Wagering Terminals
  • Cash-In, Cash-Out Terminals with full cash recycling
  • Bet Slip Validators
  • Operator Terminals
  • Venue Registration and Loyalty Kiosks
  • Digital Displays
  • Reduced staffing overheads
  • Lower service costs
  • Rapid return to service after a
  • Reduced operating costs


Neo draws on our 25 years' experience in supplying to wagering and gaming operators to create innovative self-service products that will enhance venue operations.  

If you want to improve the experience for customers, staff and service personnel please contact us today to explore how we can help. 

We can supply to anywhere in the world.