The media and entertainment industry is rapidly evolving; the movement from analogue to digital across all forms of media has created entire product redundancies and made way for new technology.  Music in a hardcopy format is being replaced by digital music, and there seem to be new technologies and ways of communicating with those technologies every day.  Self-service kiosks provide a private interactive medium for your customers to navigate through, access, and edit various forms of media.  They offer 24/7 access with a way to increase your productivity whilst captivating and engaging your customer.  All downloadable products can be made available in one kiosk, giving back valuable floor space to the retailer and giving customers the full range of product on demand meaning that products are never “out of stock”. 


  • Photo editing and printing
  • Music and content preview
  • Digital download
  • Video creation
  • Information
  • Advertising


  • 24/7 access
  • Privacy
  • Customer Engagement
  • Improved efficiency
  • Convenience for customer
  • Technology Access
  • Multi-user and collaborative


We have worked with Fujifilm for many years to create their self-service photographic kiosks that have revolutionised the retail photographic industry around the world.  We have also worked with Sanity and HMV to pioneer music download and preview in-store devices.