Direct access for your staff and jobseekers

NeoProducts has delivered over 17,000 kiosks to the Employment, Social Benefits & Human Resource Management Sectors.


The provision of employment and human resource services is a huge growth area for interactive kiosk technology.  Many organisations with employees who do not have access to a computer now consider kiosks to be a vital component in delivering direct HR services.  Kiosks are used for staff rostering and to allow employees to access HR services, including booking holidays and accessing rosters and training. 

Job Broking

The innovation of utilising kiosks for job finding started in government, but now the private sector is also using them for recruitment.  For example, retailers have used the web to attract applicants for many years and they can now use in-store kiosks for the same purpose.  The growing ‘welfare to work’ sector is also using kiosks to help jobseekers who have limited access to the internet.

Uses                                                Benefits

  • Career Information
  • Job-Finding

    & Matching
  • Recruitment
  • eLearning
  • Rostering
  • Intranet Access
  • Internet Access
  • Govt Benefits Access
  • Legal Rights Access
  • highly accessible
  • reliable
  • improve the efficiency of staff
  • offer service out of hours
  • offer service to mobile staff
  • timely and accurate updates
  • high ROI


We have worked with both government and private enterprise in the employment services sector. 

Over 17,000 kiosks have been commissioned for use in this sector throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Czech Repubic