NeoProducts designs and creates customised end-to-end solutions without compromising on design or product quality

We provide a comprehensive service to each client ensuring that all their self-service solution needs are met.  Below are just some of the ways we differ from our competitors in ways that may benefit you. 

First Class Designs

At Neo we have a design philosophy of producing attractive, functional and reliable products.  All our equipment is designed to be easy to service and maintain. Many of our units support tool-less replacement of devices with a 3 minute in-field swap out time.  When creating for large projects, we aim to keep consistency between devices and peripherals to decrease spare parts and maintenance costs to our clients.  Where possible, we design investment protection through flexibility in component replacement so, as technologies advance, so too can your project.

Work shops

Using a structured development process, we establish a detailed product brief with all our clients as a scoping process.  We assess our clients' needs and perform an environmental and technological review.  We partake in workshops with all our clients as an information gathering session. We take the time to assess our clients' needs and perform an environmental and technological review. 

Single point of accountability

NeoProducts can provide a turnkey solution for self-service production, from product design to software development, to manufacturing, servicing and support.  Generally your needs can be catered for in-house, if you require anything beyond the norm  we have an extensive partnership network gained through over 26 years’ experience where we can source the information or technology, so you receive one bill, liaise with one company to achieve the ideal solution for you. 


Having produced over 60,000 kiosks worldwide and with 26 years' experience in both government and private sectors, NeoProducts is large enough and experienced enough to remove risk and yield large production runs, yet small enough to still have the personalised attention to detail and flexibility required to meet individual expectations. 

Customise not compromise

We do not compromise on design or product quality, we specialise in helping you to realise your vision and developing the solution to bring it to life. 

Commercially Competitive Rate

All the above is done at a commercially competitive rate to help you meet your budgetary needs without compromising on quality.